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At Mapleview, we care a lot not only about your health, but also about your general well-being, as we believe self-esteem and self-image have a great part to play in our overall health and well being.

We know that everyone wishes to maintain the youthful appearance for as long as possible, as well as also to look their best. Even though most of the treatments we offer are very affordable, we would like more people to be able to try them. Thus, we constantly come up with new promotions and advantageous package deals. From laser hair removal to anti-aging treatment, this is where your will find great deals and hottest promotions in Barrie, Ontario.

All of our promotions are inspired by you and tailor made to fit your needs and wishes. We carefully listen to all our patients and clients and pay attention to what services they would like discounted or what new technologies they would like to try. In order to encourage them to take care of themselves, we turn their wishes into reality with the exact promotions they were looking for.

Our mission is to keep everyone in Barrie, Ontario in an excellent state of mental and physical health. So, if there is a service you cannot find on our website or a promotion you would like to see here, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. We always welcome suggestions and we will do our best to add new services and new promotions to meet your every need.

Be sure to check this page as often as possible. We are constantly renewing our promotions and deals and you don’t want to miss them!