What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an alternative type of medicine founded by Samuel Hahnemann; natural medication and a holistic approach (screening and curing the entire body, not just the diseased parts of it) are its cornerstones.

What can you expect?

A visit to a homeopathic expert is not that much different from one to a “regular” doctor. Homeopaths can help you with:

  • Over the counter remedies
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Remedies for acute conditions
  • Remedies for chronic diseases
  • Testing and screening

Our approach

At Mapleview Medical Center, we focus on supporting individuals, as well as families who look for holistic alternatives to regular medicine. Even more, all of our practitioners are keen on offering a friendly and supportive environment where everyone can get expert advice. All of our homeopathy staff members are fully certified and have the knowledge and expertise to help you find exactly what you need in order to enhance your well-being.

Homeopathy experts in Barrie, Ontario

At Mapleview Medical Center, we understand that every person is unique, with unique needs and body mechanisms, so all our treatment plans are personalized and aim at restoring your inner balance. Whether we deal with acute diseases or with chronic ones, our main goal is to neutralize them completely, not just momentarily alleviate the symptoms – we care about your long-term wellbeing.

Thus, if you are searching for homeopathy experts in Barrie, Ontario, pay us a visit anytime!


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