So, you’re considering a chemical peel to brighten your dull skin, remove spots, or shave off a few years? Good for you! But, before you make the appointment, we suggest reading a bit about this procedure. Of course, nothing beats talking to a skilled cosmetologist face-to-face, but it’s always good to know a few generic things. Here are the basics:

Chemical Peels Are just Very Powerful Exfoliation Treatments

We know that many people dread the idea of having their skin flake off, so we’re here to put your mind at ease: it’s the only way to remove sun damage and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Most of the conditions that we want to treat are literally skin-deep. This means that, if you remove the first layer of skin, the condition will go away along with it.

This doesn’t go to say that a single chemical peel will solve all your problems. In fact, you may require a series of peels, but only your cosmetologist can give you the correct number after having examined you and your condition thoroughly.

What is also worth remembering is the fact that, by removing the dead skin cells, chemical peels also help your skin better absorb nutrients from the products you are using. This is why cosmetologists use different type of creams and lotions during chemical peels – to treat different conditions.

You Need to have Realistic Expectation of Your Chemical Peel Treatment

As previously stated, a single chemical peel will not solve all your skin conditions, especially if you suffer from serious ones. For instance, if you have years of sun damage to solve, you will definitely need more than one treatment, even if you undergo the strongest chemical peel on the market.

Similarly, prominent scars cannot be removed by a chemical peel. Yes, their appearance might be reduced, but they will not go away altogether. The best thing you can do is go in for a consultation before scheduling your treatment. This way, the cosmetologist can tell you exactly what you can expect in terms of chemical peel results.

You Will Need to Wear Sunscreen Every Day

We always advocate the importance of sunscreen, no matter your age or your skin condition. But after a chemical peel, you simply can’t afford to “forget” about it – not even once! Otherwise, you will end up with sever sun spotting or even more serious conditions. SPF 50 is mandatory!


Want to know more about chemical peels or want to schedule an appointment? Get in touch! We’d be happy to answer all your questions and help you get excellent results from your first chemical peel.

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