Given all the things that can influence the look of your skin (diet, moisturizer choice, beverages you consume and so on), I know you didn’t want to hear about one more. But bear with me for a bit: yes, you can also make mistakes when you wash your face. Yes, even something this simple and elementary can influence your skin’s appearance. Here’s how:

  1. You Use the Wrong Cleanser

We are all tempted to choose the cleanser that smells incredibly good or promises excellent results for any skin type. Unfortunately, we have to stick to what works for our skin. And this doesn’t always come in the prettiest bottle.

Thus, for acne-prone and oily skin, your best choices are cleansers that make a lot of foam and can lift the dirt and oil off your skin. You can opt for natural soaps and add a skin toner to your routine in order to make sure you skin is cleansed thoroughly. Products that contain salicylic acid and glycolic acid are some of the most popular choices for both cleanser and toner.

If your skin is dry or sensitive, try to wash your face with gentle cleansers or hypoallergenic soaps. You don’t need a lot of foam to clean oil accumulation. Simply avoid products with strong substances that can irritate sensitive skin.

  1. You Don’t Use the Right Water Temperature

Don’t worry; you don’t need to perform complicated measurements. Just keep this short guideline in mind: if you have oily skin, you need warm or even hot water to remove the grease. If you have dry or sensitive skin, lukewarm or even cold water is better.

  1. You Don’t Wash Your Face Twice a Day

You should never skip washing your face in the morning and, more importantly, in the evening. This is when you need to get rid of all the dirt and products that have accumulated in your skin cells during the day! Choose the products that suit your skin type best and use them along with water instead of wet tissues. The latter will always leave traces of the substances they contain on your skin and, trust me, you don’t want them there!

It’s always best to rinse with water. Simple, plain tap water or purified one if you have extra-sensitive skin. You don’t need any expensive tissues.

  1. You Don’t Exfoliate

Removing dead skin cells is the best way to get an instant face treatment that leaves your complexion looking refreshed and youthful. Yes, you can exfoliate even if you have sensitive skin. You just have to do it more gently.

You can use a soft sponge when you wash your face or a cleanser with exfoliating particles. My advice —  try both of them out and see what works best for you.


See? It wasn’t that bad! There’s nothing complicated about washing your face the right way. You just have to be informed!


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