Adult and pediatric immunizations

What is immunization?

Irrespective of age, immunization provides the best protection against disease.  Vaccines protect you and everyone that surround you from preventable diseases creating a safe environment.

Who needs immunization?

Contrary to popular belief, not all vaccines that were made in childhood can last for a lifetime. Diseases like diphtheria or tetanus require periodic immunization in children and adults alike.

Even more, there are cases when adults need to be re-vaccinated in order to boost their immunity or help maintain it. When immunization was not performed adequately, illnesses like measles or mumps can be catastrophic for adults. Plus, they can infect infants that have not yet been immunized, thus creating problems that may affect entire communities or cities.

Seasonal immunization is also something of the utmost importance for both adults and children. The very contagious flu (or influenza) may seem like a mild disease, but the truth is it can cause severe complications, especially in children, elderly people or adults with underlying conditions that can be aggravated by the infection with influenza. With new strains of flu circulating each year, it is highly recommended that you get immunized every fall. It is also important to have all your family members vaccinated in order to make sure that you create a safe environment around you.

Another type of immunization you need to consider is the travel one. Some diseases that no longer exist or are very rare in Canada can be very common in other countries. Measles and hepatitis A are only two examples of such illnesses that you can easily contract in your travels. So, before you travel anywhere outside the country, make sure you check with a doctor and learn what vaccines are recommended for each specific area.

Where can you get immunization?

Mapleview Medical Center takes every type of immunization extremely serious, for both children and adults. Our physicians can offer you counseling on the vaccines you and your family needs. Whenever you need adult and pediatric immunization in Barrie, Ontario, you can rely on the Mapleview Medical Center!


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