We all know that “summer bodies are made in winter”. But sadly we sometimes lack the motivation to start go on a diet before the heat sets in. This is how we end up on drastic diets that mess our metabolism without any long-term results.

However, dieting doesn’t have to be a torture if it’s done right. In fact, it shouldn’t even be called “dieting”; it should be called a “lifestyle change”. Small steps can take you quite far. Read on and incorporate these small changes into your lifestyle for lasting results instead of yo-yo weight issues.

  1. Incorporate Plenty of Fluids in Your Diet

Our body needs water for hydration and creation of electrolytes – which are responsible for boosting our metabolism. But, most importantly, drinking plenty of water can prevent you from overeating. Did you know that 50% of times when you feel hungry or “munchy” you’re actually thirsty?

So, if you know you had enough to eat recently, but still feel slightly hungry, drink a tall glass of water and wait for a couple of minutes. Odds are you won’t need food anymore. If you’re sick and tired of plain old water, try infusing it with cucumbers or fruits or drink unsweetened teas.

  1. Avoid Liquid Calories

Sodas are jam-packed with sugar, so we should clearly avoid them. But did you know even fruit and vegetable juices might harm your figure? Our body doesn’t perceive them as nourishment, so they won’t actually satiate you, just up your calorie count.

A glass of orange juice has 112 calories, while an orange only has 45 to 86 calories, depending on its size.  So, next time you feel like having a juice, get the whole fruit instead. You’ll not only eat less calories and feel satiated, you will also get your fiber intake.

  1. Switch to Healthy Snacks

Very often, we get most of our calories from snack we have between meals and not from the actual meals, even when we are on a diet. Potato chips and chocolate bars have very little nutritional value. Instead, they are brimming with sugar, fats and salt and they only fill you up for a short time.

Instead of those, try nuts and seeds and fresh fruit. They have a higher nutritional value and less calories. By dinner time, you will have ingested less calories AND feel less hungry. If this is not a win-win trade off, I don’t know what is!


Like I said in the beginning of the article: a healthy diet means you don’t have to suffer and starve to lose weight or maintain the one you have right now. These three simple changes can help you lose as much as eight pounds in a month effortlessly. Will you give them a try?

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