Guys, are you still washing your face with soap as quickly as possible in the morning, under a scalding hot shower? We know a lot of you out there do it, and if you are one of them, this is our advice to step up your game regarding men’s skin care. We will talk about men’s skin care products and techniques to help you change your bad habits, and learn to better look after your skin.

No, no, no! The Soap Is Not Your Skin’s Friend

Firstly let’s go back to what we have already mentioned – the dreaded soap. This is where proper men’s skin care should start. Washing your face with normal soap is not helping you! Yes, you may have ‘clean’ skin, but do you have healthy looking skin? Unlikely. Soap is harsh and dehydrating to the skin and will cause it to age at an alarming rate. Also, nobody likes having dry and flaky skin, so let’s stop using soap and start using something new: facial cleansers. Using a facial cleanser instead of soap will be much appreciated by your skin and won’t leave it to dry out, either. Once you have washed your face with the cleanser, why not use a moisturizer to ensure that your skin stays hydrated throughout the day? You’ll be looking healthier and younger in no time!

Is it Time to Toss that Razor Out Yet?

We know you want your razor to last forever, but it doesn’t work this way, unfortunately. Make sure you are using a sharp razor when you shave. This will ensure you don’t end up scratching and irritating your skin whilst trying to make yourself look sharp. Why bother grooming if you are doing more damage than good? Get yourself a nice new razor, and next time you shave you’ll have no redness or irritated skin!

What’s in it for You?

You don’t need to have as many products as your wife, but having a few simple products and changing the way you use existing products can seriously enhance the look of your skin. You can make yourself look healthier and younger, fight off those wrinkles, and reduce unnecessary redness. These are simple steps to making yourself look and feel good – remember: it’s 2017, don’t let yourself get left behind! Start getting the men’s skin care you really need.

Why stop at the right cleanser? Epic men’s skin care can also include IPL rejuvenating treatments, chemical peels and even laser hair removal – yes, hair-free chests and backs are HOT!


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