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Cardiology Technologist

Having a balanced lifestyle (eating right and getting plenty of physical exercise) are the cornerstones of a healthy heart.

Primary Care

Primary care is the day-to-day medical care. In other words, a primary care physician acts as the first contact point between a patient and his medical needs.


The Mapleview Medical Center in Barrie provides comprehensive ophthalmic care at the highest Canadian standards.


The pharmacists of the Mapleview clinic have extensive knowledge in all the areas of health and wellness.

Health, Wellness & Fitness

While many people look to plastic surgery to change aging looks, and pharmaceuticals and supplementation to address concerns like muscle wasting.

BioFlex Laser Therapy

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Migraines or a pesky dermatological conditions? Along with many other problems that have yet to be solved my traditional practices?


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