BioFlex Laser Therapy

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Migraines or a pesky dermatological conditions? Along with many other problems that have yet to be solved my traditional practices?

Mapleview Medical Clinic is now offering an ALL NEW series of Laser Therapy to help conditions many of us suffer from that traditional medical treatments prove to be ineffective.

Our BioFlex Laser has the ability to treat soft tissue and sports injuries, arthritis, spinal problems, wounds and dermatological diseases, and a number of neurological conditions.  Laser therapy confers pain relief, delivers a highly potent anti-inflammatory effect, and regenerates cells that are non-functioning or operating at suboptimal levels.

How does it work?
Laser Therapy uses Superlumious and laser diodes to irradiate tissue afflicted by a disease process.  When the appropriate light source is placed on the skin, photons which are particles of energy penetrate the multiple layers of tissue and are absorbed by a variety of intracellular molecules; this initiates a cascade of positive physiological responses, resulting in the restoration of normal cell morphology and function.

Laser Therapy has been successfully utilized to treat a broad range of medical conditions relating to the neurological, musculoskeletal system, arthritis, sports injuries, dermatological conditions, wounds and ulcers; including: chronic inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disorders.

Unlike many modalities and pharmacological solutions, which only modulate symptoms or mask the perception of pain, Laser Therapy is directed to treat the underlying condition, curing the problem and thereby its attendant symptoms.

“Over one million individual treatments have been administered to date without any adverse effects.  The technology is non-invasive, non-toxic, and delivers consistent, superior clinical outcomes.” – Fred Khan, MD, FRCS

BioFlex mission statement:

“Meditech International Inc. initiated research in the development of Laser Therapy devices in 1989.  Along with improved engineering, our objective is to cure the multiple pathologies encountered, in the shortest possible period of time.  The ultimate goal is to eliminate pain and the utilization of pharmaceuticals, and to restore normal functional capacity and the quality of life.”

Mapleview medical clinic is proud to support Meditech and stands by their mission statement.

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